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working with schools

  • Innovation creates new jobs and new jobs mean less poverty
  • African countries must invest more in education
  • Having access to new technology will allow students in African countries to develop skills they will need for their future careers
  • There is Fibre Optic in most countries in Africa now but still internert connection is major issue

African storytellers

Storytelling is a tradition in Africa and has played a major role in African culture. Storytelling is a discipline that requires techniques and creativity. Very often,

Cuisine d'Afrique

This is a cooking class workshop to teach pupils the benefit of healthy eating. Most people in Africa cannot afford process 

how can technology and innovation transform africa?

Rhythm of Africa

Music has always been a major part of the African culture and Africans call music the glue that binds

The video on the left explains well what we are trying to achieve in Africa. Our first project is to equip a school in DR Congo with computers and IT resources to support teaching and learning.


At Elikia-Africa, we believe in inspiring and empowering generations. Computers, digital equipment and new technology characterize this generation, yet these powerful teaching tools are still absent from most African classrooms.

Schools we are helping have a large amount of underprivileged children, whose families could never afford IT equipment and that's where we come in.

At Elikia-Africa, we believe that young people hold the keys to the future and it is our objective to provide them with the skills they need to unlock their full potential. In partnership with schools in the UK and the rest of Europe, our Global Enterprise Workshops aim to equip students with the tools they need to successfully build a business in Africa.  

Too often schools in Africa fail to meet basic learning needs of young people. At the same time the majority of those young people are deprived of vital educational and professional skills; which will allow them to contribute...

In these centres, we are aiming at training teachers to use ICT to improve teaching and learning. EA Centres will also be opened to members of the community who desire to gain in ICT. In every centre, computers will be connected...

Our Mission

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