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Working with members in our community to make a difference in young people's lives!

​​​​Too often schools in Africa fail to meet basic learning needs of young people. At the same time the majority of those young people are deprived of vital educational and professional skills; which will allow them to contribute to the development of Africa. In a world where digital awareness and innovative skills are crucial to employers all around the world, young people in Africa are not being prepared to face the challenges of their generation. There is a real gap between what they are being taught and what they should learn to compete in today’s professional world. There is a huge divide between the way they are taught and universal skills that employers are looking for.

In 21st century, where  the idea that possessing knowledge and information equals having power is truer than ever, young people in Africa are being denied the fundamental right and the basic  to access information. In a world where data processing and information handling is essential for effective communication, young people in Africa have yet to experience ICT innovations. When in developed countries, people are already using the cloud system, many young people in Africa have never heard of, seen or used a USB key.

Elikia-Africa believes that possessing knowledge, the know-how and access to information can change the lives of those who are underprivileged or disadvantaged. But the paradox of the evolution of technology is it can lead to an inactive lifestyle. This why Elikia-Africa is keen on promoting well-being and an active lifestyle for young people in Africa.

Elikia-Africa is working to empowering African youth by:

- giving them a better education
- facilitating access to information by developing their ICT skills
- bridging the gap of digital awareness, innovation technology and innovative skills
- inspiring them to create jobs and professional opportunities in the continent

- promoting entrepreneurial skills in schools

- helping young people to start their own business
- inspiring them to be actors of economic development in Africa
- promoting active lifestyle

Elikia- Africa will equip young people with skills and know-how to live and be successful in the society of their choice.

Elikia-Africa will also commit to inspire young people in the UK and Europe to develop innovative and entrepreneurial skills that could lead to bettering their own lives and empowering lives of people in Africa.

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