• Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in Africa

Having a great idea that can turn to a real business opportunity, is never easy. Elikia-Africa supports young aspiring entrepreneurs and guides them through all key information. We will offer programmes with e-mentors, workshops, business events and guidance to help young people in Africa start their own business.

We believe that small businesses create jobs in developing countries and this will lead to economic development in Africa. We also think that young people have innovative ideas that will help change Africa and create jobs of the future.

Source: The SNATCHED Show

Source: CNBCAfrica

Our projects

  • Computers in schools

 At Elikia-Africa, we believe in inspiring and empowering generations. Computers, digital equipment and new technology characterize this generation, yet these powerful teaching tools are still absent from most African classrooms.

Schools we are helping have a large amount of underprivileged children, whose families could never afford IT equipment and that's where we come in.

Elikia-Africa is aiming to equip classrooms with computers, and to support schools through the process of acquiring internet connexion. 

Our objective is to ensure that all young people leave school with essential ICT skills. We are confident that use of the Internet will open students up to vital information, which will allow them to be more competitive and better prepared for their future. A good education will open countless doors for Africa's youth, from discovering their dream careers to potentially jump starting their own business.

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  • Elikia-Africa Learning Centres​

In these centres, we are aiming at training teachers to use ICT to improve teaching and learning. EA Centres will also be opened to members of the community who desire to gain in ICT. In every centre, computers will be connected to the internet to facilitate access to information that will empower the community. There will be volunteers in each centre whose role will be to inform and guide people that are willing to start their own online business.