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 Growing up, these two siblings were constantly reminded by their mother that: "the only heritage I can leave you is Education".
  In August 2013, they embarked on a journey that started with revisiting their roots. After 32 years, Marie-France, a teacher and Gilbert, an entrepreneur, returned to their birthplace of DR Congo but left with much more than just memories and rekindled friendships. The trip inspired the brother and sister to create Elikia-Africa, as they realised that the aid needed to help young people in Africa is different from traditional methods that already exist. After meeting and speaking to a panel of young people in Kinshasa, it was clear that Africa's least prosperous were keen on developing skills that will push them further up the ladder of success and closer to a better life.

 Elikia-Africa's mission is to improve the quality of education amongst young people. However, the charity was also founded to empower and inspire the future of African youth, so they may contribute to their motherland's economic development as well as pursuing their own ventures.

 In addition to this new understanding, Marie-France and Gilbert's trip also shed light on the economic expansion currently taking place in Africa, which is brightening the future for younger generations and those to come. It was clear to them that, despite political instabilities in some areas, the African continent has become very attractive for people in search of new opportunities.

 Now a registered charity, as of January 2015, Elikia-Africa aims to pass down their heritage and spread the gift of education through DR Congo and all of Africa.

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In most cases, Education is key to success, therefore it should be every young person’s right. However Education is changing to mirror the needs of current markets. Being ICT literate can prove an advantage to the way to economic growth and accomplishment. Furthermore, acquiring entrepreneurial skills and developing an innovation mind will make an educated young person more complete.