Culture Africa is an outstanding program for secondary schools and for any young person willing to learn more about African customs and heritage. All activities are thoroughly planned and delivered according to lesson plans. Our volunteer will deliver each workshop in a professional manner.

Culture Africa will allow your pupils to gain more knowledge about Africa, correct their misconceptions about the African continent and some will consolidate their previous knowledge. The range of activities that we offer is great and we cater for all learning needs. Some are activities will be more physical than others. However, all activities will promote thinking skills and independent learning.

Elikia-Africa offers the following activities in Culture Africa workshop:

  •  Cuisine d’Afrique:

This is a cooking class workshop to teach pupils the benefit of healthy eating. Most people in Africa cannot afford process food and cooking is still based on fresh products from the market. Being able to eat products that are grown naturally is a privilege in rich countries whereas in Africa it seems to be the normal eating habits. Being able to keep a healthy diet is a challenge in modern day life. In Cuisine d’Afrique workshop, our volunteers will show your pupils that it is not impossible.

  •  African storytellers

Storytelling is a tradition in Africa and has played a major role in African culture. Storytelling is a discipline that requires techniques and creativity. Very often, storytellers are seen as wise men who will share their wisdom through poetry and music. “Language is a primary means of learning and transmitting one’s culture” Our volunteers will teach your pupils how to write a good story and perform their story telling in front of their peers.

  •  Bokwa

During this workshop, your pupils will learn African dance moves mixed with fitness. Sessions are very dynamic and allow pupils to work on their movement coordination and stay fit at the same time.

  •  Afric’ à la mode

Learning about African fabrics and fashion.

  •  Rhythm of Africa  

Music has always been a major part of the African culture and Africans call music the glue that binds the community together. Your pupils will be introduced to different African musical instruments as well as get involved in rhythm games and sound effect activities. This workshop will allow pupils to create sounds and music from Africa.

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At Elikia-Africa, we believe that young people hold the keys to the future and it is our objective to provide them with the skills they need to unlock their full potential. In partnership with schools in the UK and the rest of Europe, our Global Enterprise Workshops aim to equip students with the tools they need to successfully build a business in Africa.  

  • Global Enterprise Day is designed to help give young people the opportunity to work collaboratively, whilst improving their entrepreneurial skills. Students will be introduced to different African market aspects. Students will work together with specially trained Elikia-Africa volunteers to develop businesses, which will have to be set up in an African country of their choice. 

Throughout the day, students will spend time completing market research, deciding on which service or product they want to offer, and at the end, each group will pitch their idea to a selected businessman who either works directly in Africa or is very familiar with the thriving African market.

  • Design For Africa pushes students further with activities that will allow them to design a product to be marketed in their chosen African country, continuing with the projects they started on Global Enterprise Day. Each team will use their creativity and new-found knowledge of the African market to present products that could change lives. 

Our activity will challenge young people to think outside of the box, as well as taking into consideration the people of Africa and their needs. With Elikia-Africa volunteers providing support and guidance, students will produce a logo, slogan, price, budget plan and unique selling point along with their products.

 Elikia-Africa’s Workshops will allow students to display their innovation, communication and entrepreneurial skills, as well as learning about the African market and how it differs to others. Most importantly, our charity will give young people the first step they need towards becoming excellent entrepreneurs.

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To book either the full global enterprise workshop, or  culture Africa day, please contact us

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